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A simple yet effective way of monitoring static grounding points

Bond Rite Remote with 10 Drums

The Bond-Rite® REMOTE is a static grounding solution that prevents the dangerous accumulation of static electricity on plant equipment located in hazardous areas. The Bond-Rite® REMOTE achieves this by grounding the plant equipment, like barrels or IBCs, with Intrinsically Safe electronics that monitor the integrity of the ground path between the object being grounded and the plant’s reference grounding point.

When the operator connects the Bond-Rite® REMOTE grounding clamp to the object that requires static grounding protection, a green LED located in the wall mounted indicator station pulses continuously, provided the resistance between the object and the plant’s reference grounding point is 10 ohms or less.  A resistance of 10 ohms or less demonstrates compliance with the recommendations of IEC 60079-32 and NFPA 77, the primary industry guidelines for preventing fires and explosions caused by static electricity. Unlike traditional basic grounding clamps and cables, with the Bond-Rite® REMOTE, when the operator gets the green light they know that the equipment is grounded and can start the operation.

Each indicator station can be powered by a single 9V battery or by a certified by 230 / 115 V AC driven external power supply that can power up to 10 indicator stations simultaneously. Bond-Rite® REMOTE indicator stations can be mounted in hazardous areas as high as Zones 0/20 and Class I, Div.1 locations. Bond-Rite® REMOTE external power supplies can be mounted in Zones 2/21 and Class I, Div.2 locations.

IECEx / ATEX / cCSAus certified for gas, vapour and dust atmospheres.
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