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New datasheets simplify product selection and reduce order processing times

Castell Safety International Ltd updated product datasheets

Wealth of information enables customers to choose products more accurately

Industrial safety specialist Castell Safety International Ltd has updated its product datasheets to help customers order products in the quickest and most efficient manner.

The full and revised set of datasheets show product operation, usage, installation, technical details, drawings, application notes and ordering information in a consistent format. Customers can now select and order products more accurately, ensuring that misunderstandings are kept to a minimum and order processing times dramatically reduced.

The datasheets are available from the download section of the Castell website at:


David Hughes, Castell’s sales and marketing director, commented: “Creating a new set of datasheets for our product range is an important step in enhancing our customer communications. Having full access to technical specifications will allow for more effective product selection and ultimately safer solutions for our customers.”

Regina Mertin
Castell Safety International Ltd
217 Kingsbury Road
Tel.: +44 (0) 20 8200 1200
Fax: +44 (0)161 763 2125
Correo: rmertin@castell.com
Sitio web: www.castell.com

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