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El fabricante del sistema de proceso se convierte en distribuidor exclusivo de revestimientos flexibles Drop-in

La compañía está anunciando un desarrollo importante de la capacidad de fabricación de sistemas de proceso de NHE, junto con su gama de revestimientos flexibles de Witt Lining Systems, con sede en los Estados Unidos. NHE se convierte en distribuidores exclusivos en todo el Reino Unido e Irlanda. Probado para mejorar el control de la corrosión en tanques de proceso y áreas de contención secundarias, la decisión se basa en la capacidad de fabricación de tanques de proceso de NHE, sobre todo a través de su diseño ", comenta Will Green, Director de Ventas de NHE. "Creemos que el uso de revestimientos secundarios dentro del tanque en procesos químicos agresivos es una excelente demostración de esta política que se aplica para mejorar significativamente la práctica actual en nuestra industria".

Witt Lining’s track-record has been established in a range of relevant sectors from chemical processing and surface finishing to water and wastewater management, complementing the capability of Plasticraft and Lancy Technology – also part of NHE.  Each installation is custom fabricated to meet precise application requirements and can provide solutions even where sub-structures are unsuitable for particular coatings – perhaps due to conditions or time constraints.  Importantly, the design also enhances safety procedures as the need for confined space working can be significantly reduced when existing liners are being replaced.

In all cases, because linings are not bonded to the tanks, they can be easily installed.   Dielectrically-welded seams and corners maximise lining performance while irregular shapes including outlets, overflows and flanges can be readily incorporated into each individual design.

A choice of materials is available, including a range of PVC options – notably Koroseal which is a well-established propriety formulation of PVC that traditionally has been bonded to tanks.  For the metal finishing industry in particular, Koroseal is a well-known trade name, closely associated with this type of application, and for which Witt Lining Systems is the exclusive drop-in liner provider – so, in turn, NHE now becomes the exclusive UK supplier of Koroseal brand drop-in tank liners.  

“I feel NHE is in a great position to introduce Witt Lining Systems to the European market and I couldn’t be more excited about working with them,” adds Andrew Hotchkies, President of Witt Lining Systems.  The distributorship announcement is set to offer new opportunities for his company whilst building on the expertise and reputation for excellence that has underpinned NHE’s success for many years.

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