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B & V Water Treatment da la bienvenida al libro blanco de agua

conservación del agua

El lanzamiento del libro blanco del agua del gobierno este mes ha sido bien recibido por una de las principales compañías de tratamiento de agua del Reino Unido que está financiando una amplia investigación sobre medidas de conservación del agua.

B&V Water Treatment says the fact that the government is investigating ways to improve water conservation and recognises that a growing population and climate change are going to increase pressure on supplies should go some way towards tackling the issue of the world’s increasingly limited resources.

The multi million turnover company is at the forefront of a number of pioneering initiatives aimed at helping industries drastically reduce their non potable water usage – both helping the environment and cutting costs.

These initiatives, and regulations encouraging or enforcing water saving measures, should make major inroads into reducing water waste, says one of B & V’s environmental chemists, Yolla McCoy.

Environment secretary Caroline Spelman says in The “Water for Life” white paper: “Given the pressures on our water resources it is crucial that businesses adapt to these new circumstances and manage the risks they face from changes in water availability as efficiently as possible. It is important that businesses measure and manage their water use and adopt new technologies over time to improve their water efficiency.

“The pressure on water supply from population growth and climate change will be felt across the world. Total global water demand could rise by 35 to 60% between 2000 and 2025. If we are to compete in the global marketplace then we must make the most efficient use of our water.”

B & V’s Yolla McCoy is currently undertaking a five year PhD at the University of Birmingham into Water Recycling in the Food and Beverage Industry, with the aim of assisting the industry in reducing water wastage, improving efficiency and lowering production costs.

“The food and beverage industry is heavily reliant on water throughout its processes. In the UK around 430 million litres of water are used a day in this sector, “ she explained.

B & V already has a highly successful division – Clearstream – which enables companies to reduce their overall water consumption for environmental and financial reasons.

Y recientemente se ha desarrollado un sistema revolucionario que permite a las empresas aprovechar fuentes alternativas, no de agua potable para los procesos industriales y reducir los costos y su impacto en su entorno.

These initiatives and the results of Yolla’s findings are expected to go a huge way towards helping companies maximize the use of the limited water resources available.

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