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Association for Science and Discovery Centres select FLIR E30 thermal imaging cameras

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With 130,000 different users in six months – are these the most hard-working and reliable thermal imaging cameras around?

When the UK Association for Science and Discovery Centres (ASDC), was putting together equipment packages for distribution to 10 selected Museums and Discovery Centres for use in its ‘Explore Your Universe’ initiative, they selected FLIR E30 thermal imaging cameras from Pass Ltd. Now, after nine months of problem-free use by many thousands of young families and students, their decision to select Pass and the FLIR camera has been totally vindicated.

“Explore your Universe” is an exciting national project aimed at providing selected UK science and discovery centres and museums with high-end equipment, workshop resources, training and other support to enable them to involve their visitors in cutting-edge programmes around the physical sciences. The aim is to give young people the confidence, curiosity, and interest to continue to explore and ask questions long after they get home.

A package of all the equipment necessary to run the activities was provided as part of the project but Dr. Michaela Livingstone- Special Projects Manager at ASDC knew that the most important item would be a thermal imaging camera which would, amongst other things, allow the investigation of the characteristics of infrared and explain how scientists use it in researching how stars were formed.

“We knew that the programmes would be very popular and hands-on,“ said Dr. Livingstone. “We needed a camera that would be rugged enough to withstand handling by many thousands of people – mostly young people, be very accurate and give instant meaningful results.

Dr Livingstone’s team reviewed the different thermal cameras currently available and after listening to recommendations from associates, decided to ask for a demonstration of the cameras available from FLIR Systems UK. Pass Ltd, the UK’s number one supplier of thermal imaging cameras and the UK’s only Platinum Distributor for the FLIR range were happy to oblige.

In the end ASDC selected FLIR model E30 – a lightweight camera with a 3.5” LCD colour touch screen with 160 x 120 pixel resolution that can detect temperatures between 0° and 250°C with an accuracy of ±2% and thermal sensitivity of <0.01°C. It needed to be a jack-of-all-trades and it certainly proved to be just that.

“We were also very happy to work with PASS” continues Dr. Livingstone. “As well as supplying the cameras, they were also able to provide us with an excellent nationwide after-sales service including technical advice, product commissioning, training and a recalibration and repair service.“

“As it transpired, this latter part of their service was just not needed. Without doubt the FLIR cameras have been the most popular equipment in the package – Everyone wants to have a go! We estimate they have been used by over 130,000 people in the last few months and apart from a minor problem on one of the cameras they have been extremely reliable.”

“We also hoped that the thermal imaging camera would come in handy for a whole host of other uses and encouraged our centres to use them to check on their air tightness and thermal insulation to detect energy waste, decrease energy usage and make the world a greener place.”

“We are delighted with them and if we extend the programme in the future we would certainly select Pass and FLIR cameras again.”

For further information on FLIR cameras visit www.pass-thermal.co.uk o llame a 0845 365 3938

For further information on Explore Your Universe visit www.exploreyouruniverse.org

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